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TackyWorld has created the following Barn Runner games  since our first release in 2003. They are listed in the order they were released to our adoring and/or indifferent public.

Barn Runner 0: Case of the Runaway Robot
Detective Peckard chases a fugitive robot into the wilds of Old Kentucky in this early look at the Barn Runner saga.
[Micro Game]
(Originally Released Feb 2003.)

Re-released Apr 2005
Currently Available HERE.

Barn Runner 1: The Armageddon Eclair - Parts 1 & 2
TackyWorld's first full-length game! Prick has to solve a robot-related killing in an Evansville Food court. What he discovers will send him deep into the wilds of the lawless Blue Grass Containment Zone in pursuit of the murderous robot.
[Full Sized Game]
(Originally Released Dec 2003.)
Re-released Jan 2005
Currently Available HERE.

DataLink 1: The Barn Runners Field Guide v2.1
Everything a detective needs to know about the world and the robots that run amok in it.
[Time Waster]
(Originally Released Dec 2003.)

Re-released  in an Edited Form as v2.1 Apr 2008
Currently Available HERE.

Barn Runner 2: The Ejection Rejection
Prick must face his greatest fear when he is forced to take his driving test after ten years of flying without a license. Can he pass his flight evaluation given his crippling fear of heights? Download and find out!
[Mini Game]
(Originally Released May 2004 as She's So Fine, My AutoDyne.)
Re-released with new title and new levels June 2007.

Currently Available HERE.

Barn Runner 3: Don't Jerk The Trigger of Love
Every officer must successfully complete his monthly pistol range qualification trial to remain an active member of the Robot Crimes Division. But Range Master Debbie Sauer won't make it easy for Detective Peckard.
[Micro Game]
Released Aug. 2004.

Currently Available HERE.

Barn Runner  4: The Prick Who Came in From the Cold
Trapped in the frozen wilds of the BGCZ and locked out of his own AeroDyne, Prick must find a way home before he misses Santa!
[Mini Game]
Released Dec. 2004.

Currently Available HERE.

Xmas  1: Cyclone Alley
Radiation storms are closing in on all sides, battering Prick's fragile flying car,  forcing our hero to navigate the treacherous confines of the canyon known Cyclone Alley if he is to make it home immediately following his adventures depicted in The Prick Who Came In From the Cold.
NOTE: The Cyclone Alley content was changed somewhat and included, along with a secret level, in the 2007 re-release of The Ejection Rejection.

[Mini Game]
Released Dec. 24th, 2004 as a Christmas Eve Website Exclusive.
Re-Released Feb 5, 2008.
Currently Available HERE.

DataLink  2: Spatha Owners Manual
Everything you ever wanted to know about the definitive weapon of the Barn Runner but would probably be better off not knowing!
[Time Waster]
Released May. 2005.

Currently Available HERE.

Desktop  1: WarDyne Attack
Kill time at work by killing wave after wave of murderous, mindless robot fighter craft!
[Time Waster]
Released June. 2007.
(No Longer Available)

Xmas  2: Wreck The Halls
Detective Peckard once more ventures into the lawless and officially non-existent Blue Grass Containment Zone to unravel the secret of a mysterious radio beacon that is luring runaway robots together for purposes unknown.
[Mini Game]
Released Dec. 1st, 2007.
Currently Available HERE.

Barn Runner  5: The Forever Friday
The worst day in Prick's life takes a turn for the worser when the world suddenly ends. Prick and the other officers of Arc 19: Evansville must do everything possible (and possibly the impossible) to save their city before all is lost.
[Full Sized Episodic Game in Seven Chapters]
Chapter One Released July. 2008.
Chapter Two Released October, 2008.
Chapter Three Released June 2011.
Chapter Four Released December 2012.
Chapter Five Coming Soon!

Currently Available HERE.

Xmas  0: Christmas Soup
The Chief and Noriko are sharing an apartment. Can they get everything ready in time for Santa's arrival and still have time for a nice bubble bath before bedtime? They can with your help!
[Mini Game]
Released Dec. 20th, 2009.
Currently Available HERE.

Halloween 1: Fully Automatic Mojo
Debbie must brave the lower levels of Arc 19 to save Prick from a flesh-hungry horde of cannibal mutants. Eight arcade levels with three difficulty levels.
[Arcade Game]
Released Dec. 1st, 2010.
Currently Available HERE.

AGS Bake Sale 1: The Rich Dame Who Cut The Cheese
In this game created for a fundraiser to benefit the Child's Play Charity, Prick must find out who stole a wheel of antique cheese meant to be the centerpiece for an exclusive party for Evansville's most rich and famous.
[Adventure Game]
Released Jan. 21, 2012 as an exclusive for the AGS Bake Sail fundraiser bundle.
Re-released to the public Mar. 1, 2013.
Currently Available HERE.

Visual Novel 1: The Mayor's New Dress
Sexy and scandal-prone Mayor DuChamp finds herself embroiled in an embarrassment so shocking  that may end her career. Can she figure out a way to remain in her luxurious office while still keeping her dignity? Does she even have any dignity left by this point?
[Visual Novel]
Released Aug. 6, 2012.
Currently Available HERE.







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