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Cyclone Alley
Version 2.0
Released December 24 2004

My first holiday exclusive game, and one that was subsequently unavailable for more than four years, this short arcade game sees Prick desperately trying to get home to unwrap presents... and all that stands between him and Santa are ten thousand swirling tornadoes.

This game is the direct sequel to Barn Runner 4: The Prick Who Came In From The Cold (complete with those nifty comic book style cut scenes that so many of you liked), and it would probably benefit you to play that game first so that the cut scenes make a little more sense. Also, this game mark the (very brief) return appearance of Dr. Noriko, who was last seen in Barn Runner 2: The Ejection Rejection and didn't appear again (also briefly) until Wreck The Halls. Some of you guys really seem to like Dr. Noriko and feel she's been getting the short shrift amongst the supporting cast. Don't worry, in upcoming games, her role will grow significantly. All these little cameos are foreshadowing a larger role in the future of the series!

System Requirements

* Win 95/98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, or 8
* 128 MB of Ram
* DirectX compliant sound and video cards
* 500 MHz Processor
* 3 MB Hard Drive Space

Click Here To Download
(1.9 Megabytes)

(This game is compressed with WinRar. If you don't have that utility, click HERE to get a free program to unpack it.)

Free Goodies for

Cyclone Alley

Xmas 1 Easter Eggs

Upgrade Patch for Version 1.01
(For Older Version of the Game)
Upgrade Patch for Version 1.02
(For Older "Desktop Mode Patched" Version of the Game)






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