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The Ubiquitous DataLink!

Field Guide v2.1
(1.9 Megabytes)

Prick Peckard wasn't always head of the Robot Crimes Division of Arc 19. While still working under Lieutenant Detective William Chang, Prick was hand-picked to join Chang in robot-hunting adventures in the Blue Grass Containment Zone. But the BGCZ is a bewildering place, so Chang created this helpful (?) field guide for Prick to carry along in his DataLink on his first few forays into that lush, foreboding wilderness.

However, since knowledge of the BGCZ is strictly controlled, Chang hid that information amongst common information guide files about Arc 19 available to any citizen or tourist, so as not to draw attention to what he had done. And since locals never read that tourist crap (and of course tourists never read those things because they don't want to look like a bunch of tourists), Chang's rather severe breach of law was never discovered and Prick was able to survive his first trip into the BGCZ.

Which is fortunate, because Chang went missing a few weeks later when the clocks stopped, leaving Prick the last person in Arc 19 to ever be granted clearance to know about (or travel into) the BGCZ.

The first version (v1.0) of this field guide was available as a extra goodie on the compact disc version of Barn Runner 1: The Armageddon Eclair back in late 2003, early 2004. Later, a slightly expanded version (v2.0) was available for download on the old barn runner web page (it was just a single page back then!) briefly in late 2004.

However, after thinking about it for a bit, I yanked this quasi-eBook from the site after deciding it was too spoiler-y. But, human nature being what it is, the fact that people couldn't download it made them want to download it even more. Some e-mailers have been almost as consistent in their demands for this file as others were for Cyclone Alley during its long hiatus. After a while, I just sort of accepted it as a sort of background noise in my inbox.

But, after "Rui" convinced me to dig Cyclone Alley out of the closet a few months back, I didn't really have a leg to stand on when a new wave of e-mails came in asking when I was going to re-release the Field Guide. So, like "Cyclone Alley", this incredibly crude and clumsy attempt at making a Barn Runner themed eBook is now back on the web, albeit in a mildly edited form. I seriously hope you guys that have been asking for this (all eleven of you) aren't let down by this thing. I made it in just an hour or two, as I recall. And it was never intended to be more than a neat little egg hidden on the compact disc; a reward to people who prefer "explore" to "autorun."

But you demanded it -- some of you demanded it a lot (I'm pointing at you "FruityOatyGirl"), so here it is. Crude, clunky, and ready for downloading!

Moral of this story?

Be careful what you wish for. ;-)

System Requirements

* Win 95/98, 2000, ME, XP, 7, or 8
* 64 MB of Ram
* DirectX compliant sound and video cards
* 500 MHz Processor
* 5 MB Hard Drive Space

Click Here To Download
(1.9 Megabytes)

(This game is compressed with WinRar. If you don't have that utility, click HERE to get a free program to unpack it.)

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Field Guide v2.1

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