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As the Barn Runner storyline has progressed, the plot has thickened (as most plots do). As a result, requests for some sort of comprehensive timeline of events have grown more numerous over the years. So here you are, taken directly from the Barn Runner story bible: the official timeline for the Barn Runner universe.

But be warned: this thing is packed with spoilers (and more spoilers will appear as more games and more back story is revealed). So do yourself a favor and play the games before reading any further.

Lastly, I should point out that this is a greatly abridged timeline compared to the one I hoard secretly under my mattress. But more details will be added as the story unfolds. For example, the entries about the Embargo Wars and the destruction of Arc 14 would have remained a secret until they were revealed in Barn Runner 5. Otherwise, you'd know too much about Noriko when she debuted in Barn Runner 2, wouldn't you?

There are still stories to be told, but this should help you put all the pieces together if you still have any questions after you've played the games.


March 16 (Friday): The Arc 19: Evansville Master Computer clock program fails at 5:01 p.m. It will not move again for more than ten years. A few hours before this happens, William Chang, head of Arc 19's Robot Crimes Division, departs for the BGCZ on police business. He never returns. His second in command, Prick Peckard, is promoted to head of the department.

March 17: Fearing an inevitable outbreak of "The Big Crazy", UCORA (Unified Council of Remaining Arcologies) places Arc 19 on the quarantine list, suspending all travel to and from the arcology.

March 14: UCORA finally lifts the quarantine from Arc 19 as, against all odds, "The Big Crazy" failed to occur.

Late in the year: Under the dome of Arc 82: Arras, a support group for wealthy "chocoholics" morphs into a powerful cult. Within six months, due to their powerful connections, they quickly displace the mayor and advisory council of the arcology. Before the new year begins, Arc 82 is now the premiere chocolate maker in the world.

Early in the year: Tensions rise between Arc 82: Arras and Arc 6: Gillingham when the police of Arc 6 begin to crack down on the "Missionaries of Deliciousness" sent by Arras to convert Arc 6 residents to their faith. Trade soon breaks down between the two arcologies and, in defiance of UCORA trade laws, Arras refuses to sell any more chocolate to Gillingham.

March 11: The Embargo Wars begin.

Late March: In the confusion of the early days of the conflict, Arc 82: Arras accidentally places Arc 31: Faro on the "no sell" list. Fearing their chocolate supplies may be in danger, Faro enters the war on the side of Gillingham.

Early April: Harry Sach enters the war as a volunteer fighter pilot for Gillingham. He proves to be a natural.

September 27: The Embargo Wars end. Gillingham and Faro combine their assets and dispatch a massive taskforce to engage the Battledyne fleet of Arc 82: Arras over an ash plain, just beyond the range of Arc 82's guns. The battle lasts eleven hours, at the end of which, Arras' fleet is destroyed. The city refuses to surrender. A few hours later, the super taskforce overwhelms Arc 82's defense grid and destroys the city with a relentless bombardment. Less then 100,000 civilians survive this final assault.

Autumn: Most of these civilians straggle into Arc 14: Meung-sur-Loire, which had remained neutral during the war. Despite the demands of Arc 6 and Arc 31, and the official protests from UCORA, Arc 14 grants asylum to most of these survivors, turning over only the highest ranking military and political officials from Arc 82 to stand trial.

November 2: Arc 6: Gillingham is destroyed when a CargoDyne secretly carrying multiple, shielded nuclear weapons docks inside the city. The CargoDyne had been launched on September 25 as a revenge weapon by the beleaguered forces of Arc 82. By using less-traveled trade routes and a hacked transponder, the ship was able to travel unnoticed during the closing days of the conflict. Arc 6, believing it to be carrying much-needed foodstuffs from Arc 31, eagerly allowed the ship inside the city. Less than 60,000 civilians are able to evacuate the city. They too find shelter inside the walls of Arc 14: Meung-sur-Loire.

February 10: Sparked by an incredible surge in violence between the two warring communities of refugees it shelters, Arc 14: Meung-sur-Loire is consumed by "The Big Crazy." Fewer than 200,000 people manage to escape the city before UCORA places the arcology on the quarantine list, dooming anyone still alive inside the city to a grisly fate. Of these few survivors, fewer still find any arcology willing to take them in. Most die of starvation, exposure, or simply remain unaccounted for. The destruction of this city marks the end of French wine-making on Earth.

February 11-12: The events of Barn Runner 1: The Armageddon Eclair occur.

February 14: A refugee from Arc 14: Meung-sur-Loire, Dr. Noriko Rokujochigusa-Imaidegawa arrives at Arc 19: Evansville. She quickly takes a  position working as a junior flight instructor for Senior Hangar Controller John "Fats" DeSalvo. Although vastly overqualified for this job, she is nonetheless grateful to have it.

February 16: John DeSalvo dies of a massive heart attack brought on by his morbid obesity. Noriko is promoted to his position (mostly because no one else wants the job).

February 28: The events of Barn Runner 2: The Ejection Rejection occurs. Chief of Police Wood and Noriko begin a discreet love affair that will last for quite some time.

Early April: Using money secretly funneled to her through the Chief of Police, Noriko begins work on a special police interceptor autodyne project.

November 2: The events of Barn Runner 3: Don't Jerk The Trigger of Love occur.

November 17: The events of Barn Runner Visual Novel 1: The Mayor's New Dress occur.

December 21: A robot goes on a rampage at "Quincy's Quick Paint" and flees the city. The events of Barn Runner Xmas 0: Christmas Soup occur.

December 24: The events of Barn Runner 4: The Prick Who Came In From The Cold and Barn Runner Xmas 1: Cyclone Alley occur.

January 15: The events of
Barn Runner Bake Sale 1: The Rich Dame Who Cut The Cheese occur.

October: The events of Barn Runner Halloween 1: Fully Automatic Mojo occur.

December 24-25: The events of Barn Runner Xmas 2: Wreck The Halls occur.

January: Harry and Noriko begin their love affair.

April 2-19: The events of Barn Runner 5: The Forever Friday (chapter one through seven) occur.








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