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From time to time, I drop miscellaneous free stuff on the web. The quality varies wildly, depending how much time I had to work on the free goodness in question.

Listed below are many of the so called "other goodies" I have ever released. Enjoy them.

Some of these files are compressed with WinRar. If you don't have that utility, click HERE to get a free utility to unpack them.


Assorted Games

BGCZ Field Guide

An interactive e-book intended as a companion piece to The Armageddon Eclair.


Spatha Owners Manual

An interactive e-book intended as a companion piece to Don't Jerk The Trigger of Love.


The Forever Friday Tech Demo

An early look at one of the closing levels from the latest build of The Forever Friday chapter five. The reason I'm showcasing this is that, although it looks and plays like a level from The Ejection Rejection (which was made with Game Maker), this level was actually made with Adventure Game Studio -- which required a hell of a lot of coding to make it play as though it was made with Game Maker. It's a pretty short demo, but I'm really proud of it. If you have no experience with the limitations of either engine, then you'll probably just wonder what I'm making all the fuss about.


The Forever Friday Chapter 3 Demo

As development stretched on and on, I released this small demo to show that, yes, the game did exist. Download and see the first (and so far only) official TWI demo.


Assorted Media

Sketchbook Designs from The Armageddon Eclair

Model sheets ripped straight from my sketchbook that cover some of the work that went into The Case of The Runaway Robot and The Armageddon Eclair.


The first Forever Friday Teaser Movie

Compressed with the CinePak codec, this movie showcases some scenes from my current, ongoing game.
(NOTE: The CinePak codec should already be installed on any Windows operating system by default -- that's why I chose it!)


The Second Forever Friday AWESOME Teaser Movie

This short trailer explains why The Forever Friday Part Three is so late and shows you what you can expect once it's released.
(NOTE: This trailer is actually a stand-alone AGS file and doesn't need any special codecs.)








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