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Spaceward, HO!
(Pictured: Artist's Concept Of What A Freeware Gaming Legend May Look Like)

Scott LeGere came into this world with a last name that no spell checker recognizes. Born American, he was spewed forth during the early 70s, which automatically grants him a level of grooviness that those born in later, non-disco friendly decades, can never fully appreciate.

Born just a few months before the last men walked on the moon, and raised on a steady diet of Flash Gordon comics and Star Wars toys, Scott believed that he would one day be able to take vacation cruise on the Sea of Tranquility. Those dreams were dashed when America started bombing Australia with Skylabs as the 70s drew to a close.

His transition from boy to man was unusually smooth. When Evel Knievel failed to jump the Snake River Canyon, young Scott realized that life is a series of crushing disappointments. Fortunately, not long after, he discovered Pam Grier movies, which renewed his faith in mankind.


(Pictured: Reason To Go On Living)

The next years are a bit of a blur. There was some awkward early girl-groping, some years spent in the military (which is most likely why he has vague, boozy memories of Europe and Asia), and at least two car wrecks. Plus he may have jumped out of a plane at some point. Or scuba dived. Or possibly both at the same time.

The long, dark years came to a close when he discovered Chris Jones' amazing Adventure Game Studio, which at last allowed him to realize his poorly-conceived dream of becoming a freeware video game mogul.

Let Them Eat Cake!
(Pictured: Artist's Concept Of Fame And Riches Promised By Chris Jones)

He currently resides in the dry, dusty hell of West Texas but seems to remember living in the cool, breezy paradise of Southern California at some point in the past. These memories are intermingled with strange, Lovecraftian images of Oklahoma and Kentucky, the meaning of which puzzle him to this day.

He stands just over six feet tall (which is something like 12 meters, I think... damn metrics. When will the rest of the world abandon that easy to use yet dastardly system?); he loves Christmas (in a way no grown man should); he can shoot a pistol equally well with each hand (which makes him an honorary Texan); he has recently discovered that he dislikes writing biographies about himself (but LOVES using parentheses); he has a twin sister (who still waiting for him to dedicate a game or something to her).

He is also surprised you read all the way to the bottom of this page.

Moustache, HO!
(Pictured: Texas DMV's Photo Of What A Freeware Gaming Legend May Look Like)






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